On Kyrzayda's 39th birthday she posted this picture which was taken when she was at Martha's Vineyard. This birthday was special for Kyrz because it was months later that she would find out she had stage 4 stomach cancer. Her IG post on August 18, 2017, was of this picture and we knew how much that birthday meant to her. She felt blessed and thankful to just live another day. 
"So you see even if you start late, it’s better then never starting at all and for that I thank GOD."  - Kyrzayda Rodriguez 

For Kyrz's birthday this year the idea came to us to honor her with this image. We wanted to make it remarkable and that's when we thought of Ila Dani. She has illustrated images of Kyrz for years.    
" I find my passion in fashion when I see a look and vibe that I like I want to put it on paper - and Kyrzayda was on another level, that’s why I always called her my muse! She still is, I haven’t found somebody that has that effect on me as Kyrz!"
Photos courtesy of Ila Dani  
Our Eight Eighteen Kyrz Tee was made with the sole purpose to continue Kyrzayda's legacy. These shirts are a daily reminder that Kyrzayda is still in our hearts and we will carry on with her style, her spirit, and her love.