Creator's Collab | Legacy Collection

Born with the gift of illustration, this artist born in Chile and based in NY, has made a career as a talented builder. His passion for art enables him to perform in multiple mediums. Diego has evolved into a multifaceted designer with the right skills to accomplish timeless experiences.
A wonderful dad of two, a true Capricorn, and a bad ass artist; Diego speaks volumes with his persona and his talents. He poured his heart and his skills into this project and it completely shined through.
1.How would you describe your style? 

“My main thing is comfort; I don’t really care for trends. I kinda wear what I want, but whatever it is it has to be comfortable. I’m not really big on big brands, but just like most people,  I like scoring deals or thrift even. When it comes to dressing up, I like bright colors… a dash of funkiness like a nice floral pattern. I also love stripes and subtle details like stitching or cuffing on the pants.
  1. What does the quote mean to you? 

    The quote deeply resonates with me. To me it speaks of living in the present. Often either we procrastinate, or live too busy planning the future. I try, very hard not to because it’s not easy, to live in the moment. So that at night I’m at peace if I don’t wake up the next day. Could that be why I barely get any sleep? Lol

    3. How do you relate to Kyrzs life story? Quite a few of the female figures in my life followed her. Once I was proposed to do the project I felt obligated to honor her for giving latinas a real fashion outlet. The way she made such a positive impact in the world, I want to do the same with my work.
4. Explain what made you become an artist
I believe we’re all born artists. Every child is an artist. I just stuck with it. Maybe the question is what made me stay with it. I guess I never really grew up. I have curious eyes that gather patterns, colors, shapes. Then my imagination processes it through filters and boom, a vision is made. Then I choose a style to illustrate it in the best way I can - I love that process. My love for creating just keeps making me come back. 
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