Written By Kyrzayda Rodriguez

My name is Kyrzyada Rodriguez, I’m a 39 year old full time mom and blogger. My passion for styling, fashion, and fitness has allowed me to climb the social and design ladder in inspiring ways. In 2011 I started working for as a Stylist / Social Media Developer at a small boutique in Clifton, NJ. In 2012 I joined the cast of “Glam Fairy”, a reality TV show that aired on Style Network. In November of 2012 I had the opportunity to guest star on “Buenos Dias New York” which is now called “Noticiero 47 Primera Edition”. I also continue do segments on the same network for “Acceso Total” until today. In 2015 my dream of owning my own online boutique came true, Kyrz’s Closet became a reality.

All of the steps above I've taken have formed the foundation for my dreams. Still I find I have much to accomplish. Thankfully I have an amazing following on my social mediums which allow me to connect with people all over the globe. I love what I do and thank GOD for allowing me to share my style journey with all of my followers. I’ve learned that what makes this journey even more beautiful is that even when I have difficulties I trust in God. All of those amazing e-mails I receive thanking me for being an inspiration…come from all over the globe… Africa, South America, Europe! That is what drives me to do what I do. Knowing that I inspire people all around the world.

My ultimate goal is to provide personally hand picked pieces that are both timeless and affordable. Remember, always stay true to your style. You can buy luxury… but TRUE STYLE cannot be purchased. That comes from within.

Thanks for stopping by!

To learn more about Kyrzayda and see her personal style journal, please visit www.kyrzayda.com


A Tribute to Kyrzayda 


The day was August 18th, the year 1978, an icon was born. Her name, Kyrzayda Rodriguez. Kyrzayda, being such the inspiration that she was, influenced so many different people across the world. Many of whom which followed significant moments in her life, like being diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.  She was an open book and determined to continued her quest on remaining transparent with her family, friends and especially all of those who followed her journey. She made it clear that she would fight every single day alongside our Heavenly Father. Cancer was not going to win. It was not going to takeover and it was not going to stop her from doing what she loved.  With God in her heart, she prayed everyday to help her through this and to help her win the many battles that she endured.  She fought with purpose and won with faith. Fighting to remind us that we should never doubt our strengths and that we too can shine and rise above all of our hopes and dreams... just as she did. May her soul rest in peace.

“ Go, do it. Don’t wait for another day, another hour or another time. Go and do it, NOW!”